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THE CORNER GANG - Stone Out Of Your Mind

THE CORNER GANG - Stone Out Of Your Mind


Format: LP
Release Date:2022/04/29

★First complete limited edition
★World's first LP reissue
★With Obi

The latest and world's first LP reissue of a rare disc from TSG, the pinnacle of rare groove, with a unique background unique to the TAX SCAM (tax protection) label!
The album contains high quality songs from pop & sweet soul numbers to groovy funk tunes, but the selection is not consistent....and the jacket visual is made from the same material used for other albums.... What would you call it if you didn't call it "the"!!

This is one of the top rated releases from TSG, which has an enigmatic catalog worthy of being called a hidden gem, and includes the light pop-soul "Stone Out Of Your Mind" (M1), "When I Met You At The Circus" (M3), a sweet and mellow soul number, " Patience" (M2), "Rich Man Alone" (M8), and groovy funk tunes like "The Music Of Your Mind" (M5) and "Like I Do" (M7). The label credit is BLACK TOP RECORDS (different from the Scott brothers' blues/R&B label), and the two songs (M5) and (M7) were released in 1974 under a different name, The 3rd World. There are some mysteries that have yet to be solved, such as the fact that a coupling was cut as a single, and that the cover photo of the famous album "At The Organ" by SOUL JAZZ master Jimmy McGriff is used in reverse. I'm sure you will! The latest digital remastering has been done for this release, and it will also be reissued on LP for the first time in the world!

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