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Plunky: Juju Jazz Funk & Oneness

Plunky: Juju Jazz Funk & Oneness
Saxophonist J. Plunky Branch began his music career while attending Columbia University in New York City in 1967. He moved to San Francisco during the tumultuous 1970’s and established his African avant-garde group, Juju. Migrating back to NY Plunky began working with free jazz pioneers Ornette Coleman, Pharaoh Sanders, Sam Rivers and artists on the Strata-East Record label. Upon returning to his native Richmond, VA where he currently resides, Plunky spearheaded the region’s Black arts movement and founded Branches of the Arts, Inc., a non-profit community arts organization. For the next several decades Plunky & Oneness of Juju would continue to evolve, while touring in Europe, Africa and the Caribbean. J. Plunky Branch has released over 35 albums through his two independent record companies. A studio musician for “The Cosby Show,” a record producer, writer of over 400 songs, producer of a documentary film on Afro-Cuban music, he is the subject himself of two feature length documentary films: Plunky Live In Paris and Plunky: Never Too Late - The Documentary. A political activist, educator and writer, he was recognized by the Library of Virginia as one of the 2015 Strong Men and Women in Virginia History. PLUNKY – Juju Jazz Funk & the Oneness of Music is Plunky’s autobiography, the story of his life chronicled in his music, momentous events, pictures and his journals. *** “Reading his book, it is evident that Plunky seeks and imparts wisdom through music, and is relentless in his pursuit of new ways to elevate our collective consciousness. I met Plunky over 40 years ago when he frequented my performances as a fan of my music. He would, later, follow and expand on some of the things I was doing, combining the rhythms and spirit of African music with high energy improvisation. Plunky’s memoir details his personal journeys and the challenges and triumphs of a contemporary artist in modern society.” – Pharaoh Sanders, saxophonist “From the very first notes of Plunky & Oneness of Juju concert, I remember just saying to myself, “Wow!” The band on stage kept on delivering its pure energy, positive notes, fantastic mix of life, love, and perfectly composed melodies, and I realized I’d been waiting for that musical salvation since a young age. Humility, kindness and a funkin’ way of performing are why I’m so in to this unique artist, special soul that is James Plunky Branch. I thank the Universe for letting me be a small part of his incredible destiny.” –Sheidia Badja, French music journalist and promoter “In the 1970’s, Plunky, his music, and his foresight, helped Richmond experience a cultural awakening that continues today. His organization, Branches of the Arts, Inc., was an incubator for Black visual and performing arts. The Richmond Jazz Society is the sweet fruit born from that tree of life and we celebrate 35 years as Virginia’s Jazz Service Organization—educating, preserving and advancing Jazz music as a true American art form. Plunky’s autobiography is a blueprint for the next generations to use to prepare to take up the banner.” – B. J. Brown, Executive Director, Richmond Jazz Society “Plunky's writing is conversational, in that it's like listening to him speak to me right here. I like that! And, it's a history lesson: there is so much the listening public doesn't know or wouldn't know unless told by an music insider...and Plunky was an insider. This is His-Story. From the first chapter I kept thinking “More, More, I want More!” - Faunee, Washington, DC jazz on air radio personality