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Marvin Peterson And The Soulmasters

Marvin Peterson And The Soulmasters

A piece recorded by Hannibal Marvin Peterson with a total of eight musicians in his hometown of Texas before he named "Hannibal".Among them are organists who have also participated in the BB King Band, Emry Thomas who has participated in the band of Eugene Carrier and Johnny “Guitar” Watson, and crossed the boundaries of jazz, soul and funk. As the image of the album cover, it is a powerful live recording that brings out the excitement of the audience.The opening "Groove for Otis" (M1), which has a crazy song title alone, is a jazz-funk with a edgy beat that definitely excites rare groove fans, and makes a successful start dash.In "Our Groove" (M4), a groovy bassline and a dance-inviting Eugene organ are intertwined.Playing all 6 songs including "Summertime" (M5), which can be said to be the only trumpet of Marvin Peterson, I feel completely in Texas! A powerful live board!

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