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Lo Phi - For The Kids (Cassette - Purple)

Lo Phi - For The Kids (Cassette - Purple)

Justin Kent Ford aka Lo Phi was born in Pasadena, TX, lived in Houston for awhile (as evidenced by the purple cassette) and now resides in Austin, TX. He’s a member of the collective, Exploded Drawing and he is connected to the universe like no other. The other side where you feel the music running through your blood, head knocking out of control, having just molded two sounds together to form something new, but once heard, seems like it has always needed to be there. That’s the hardest part to nail down with this LP. 

“For The Kids” is a positive journey through the mind, with Lo Phi as your guide. With one MC featured, 7LayerOscillator, as well as one singer, Tone of Rarity, this LP can be played as a meditation, a lesson, a heartbreaking group of self-realization, an LP full of heat or even a message. We just have a hard time nailing down, what we are listening to. Amazing samples flipped through a 404, a 303 and a 555, and what comes out is truly a joyful noise.

The elders will
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