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LES DE MERLE - Spectrum

LES DE MERLE - Spectrum

Many killer tracks of digger coveted such as "A Day In The Life" which is also known as sampling material of HIP HOP classic OC "Time's Up" and big funk number of the US No. 1 hit song "Aquarius" by Fifth Dimension The recorded Les Demar historical masterpiece is finally the world's first LP reissue!

This is the first album produced in 1968 by US funky drummer Les DeMerle, who represents the rare groove scene. It is a well-known board as a sampling material, but the participating musicians. A high-spec big band funk work that will surprise you with its luxury! Frank Foster, Lew Tabackin, Arnie Lawrence, Chris Woods on the saxophone, Charles Sullivan, Marvin Stamm on the trumpet, and other horn sections with tremendous pressure, and Joe Beck and piano on the guitar. Is attended by Norman Simmons and the brilliant members who represent the jazz scene at that time! And in the meantime, starting with the title song (solo) "Spectrum" (A1) that claims its presence with drumming that is comparable to the drummer, the groovy jazz-funk "Underground" (A4) where all the parts are deeply intertwined around the drum , "A Day In The Life" (A5) with a net-like middle-tempo funk that can't be imagined from the Beatles' original songs, and "Aquarius" (B2) with a light Brazilian funk and horn section. It is a historic masterpiece that proved that the young Les Demar, who is over 20 years old, is a top-notch drummer!

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