Hydes Lovelies - Ready to Rock Vol 2

The Breyks are giraffe people in the distant future who re-create hip hop culture after digging up the vinyl records of ancient man. Their utopian existence is threatened by the arrival of Phantom, an evil being born from an industrial past. Ready to Rock is the only hip hop comic book and 7" record series on the planet. Each issue comes with a new 45 produced by Aidan Leacy, and Issue 02 includes tracks highlighting the talents of emcees Fatnice and Que Rock. Issue 01 has sold out, but you can catch up on the story and music by downloading a FREE digital version of the first comic and MP3s of sides A and B of the record. If you have questions or comments, please email me. 

PLEASE NOTE: This is a "one dude who also has a day job" operation, so depending on order quantity, it may take me a few days to process and ship your package. Thank you!