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Ultra Rare Edition People ’s Pleasure “Do You Hear Me Talking To You?” Killer Soul Tracks left by SOUL&FUNK producer Bill Brown, who represents the West Coast of the 70's, in his own name!
People's Pleasure Alias, Everyday People's Mega Rare Soul 45 "World Full Of People" re-recorded with rich cotteri vocals "Time After Time" and 2 unreleased songs added to the finest soul numbers Super rare single collection!

Bill Brown, a producer and songwriter representing the US West Coast in the 70's, who has been re-evaluated in a 7-inch format in recent years, has finally decided to release the extremely rare sound source left under his own name in the 70's in album volume!"Love Under The Apple Tree" is a modern soul with a groovy bassline and light vocals and chorus, starting with "Time After Time" (M1), which is an update of "World Full Of People" to a rich male vocal ver. (M2), tight funk number "Fool-Ology" (M3), released under his own name in 1974, the original 45 is also the premiered rare soul "Bip Bam" (M4 & amp; M5) and the first half Is it just a fulfilling content?In addition, the crossover soul "Dream world Fantasies" (M7), which lets you hear the upper sound from the entanglement of the cutting guitar and horn, and the finest funk "Sock It To The Landlord" (M8), which will be released for the first time in this release, are gems. Includes a killer track through the entire soul ballad "Rainbow" (M9)!

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